Kingspan Offsite

The Movie

The brief

Present Kingspan Off-Site as the leading authority and innovator in advanced, off-site building solutions.

What happened

The Kingspan Lighthouse video used to front PR campaign for Kingspan Off-Site ★ Focused on construction system used for the Lighthouse ★ Media coverage valued in excess of £1 million ★ Kingspan Off-Site seen as leading authority in high performance, offsite construction.

Who, what, how

★ Triangle homed in on Kingspan Offsite’s ‘Lighthouse’ project - the UK’s first house built to the highest level of the Code for Sustainable Homes - to be the focal point of the promotional campaign.

★ Triangle created an engaging news report video about the Lighthouse, fronted by a professional TV presenter to provide an authentic news-style feel.

★ Scripted by the Triangle team, the video was filmed entirely on location at the Building Research Establishment innovation park in Watford, where the house is located. Editing and post production was undertaken in Manchester.

★ The completed, eight minute film was premiered at the building industry’s leading Ecobuild exhibition in London, before being rolled out via social media and other digital channels to great reception from the wider market.