Good company, great people

Is there a better feeling than being part of a great team?


Chris Hamer, MD of Triangle PR:

“When I set up Triangle, I had a vision for a company where everybody is happy and loves what they do. Everybody works hard - without me being on their backs, just because they want to do a good job. And we only employ clever people who (quickly) ‘get’ what working in a PR consultancy is all about. Everybody respects everybody else and what each other contributes, and helps each other if they need it - no matter how busy each of us is.

“My main criteria for employing people is that they’re bright and can write (including being able to spell and punctuate – you’d be surprised how many can’t). Oh, and they’re nice people.

“OK, when we advertise, we dress it up a bit with ‘you need to be able to do this, that and the other’, but, basically, if you’re smart and you can write you’ll be able to do the job. Or you will when we’ve trained you up - and we’re very good at that (we might ask for a bit more if you’re coming in as an account manager or director).

“If you’re nice as well, you’ll probably fit in and help us to keep Triangle a happy place. We all spend a lot of time at work - if you don’t enjoy it, what’s the point? I used to be more succinct and simply say: ‘If you stop laughing, get out.’

“So now you know what we’re like and who we like. If this is like you, and you’d like to be part of Triangle, we’d like to hear from you.”


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