Talking Tech

The brief

To create a communications strategy in keeping with the company’s position as a leading player in the insurance software market, and develop a strong brand identity for CDL’s newly launched Mission, Vision and Values programme.

What happened

★ In the first few months of the PR programme, Triangle secured over 30 press articles in the main insurance magazines and digital platforms, including 17 in the key titles of Insurance Times and Post Magazine.

★ Five in-depth feature articles negotiated with these leading insurance titles helped to cement CDL’s position as one of leading players in the market. One article resulted in the the journalist winning the insurance writer’s ‘interview of the year’.

★ Coverage included high ‘key message’ content around specific technological capabilities and over 85% of coverage referred to CDL clients, contract wins and the company’s record in the high volume personal lines sector.

★ Triangle has also helped the company to establish a strong digital presence on social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. These communities have grown steadily and reach is amplified through the high level of interactions.

★ This profile has helped CDL build up an enviable prospect pipeline and the company has continued to achieve revenue growth of around 12.5% year on year.

★ There has also been a marked step change in internal communications; the ‘open rate’ for CDL’s internal e-newsletter is typically 65%, reflecting high levels of interest and engagement, and supporting the company in ensuring consistent dissemination of information across its teams.

★ The launch party for the Mission, Vision and Values programme was voluntarily attended by around two thirds of employees and generated excellent feedback. MVV resources, such as a specially-created video and microsite, are being used to present the company ethos as part of the induction of new recruits.

Who, what, how

★ As a company that had doubled its headcount over a short period of time to fast approaching 500 people, CDL wanted to implement a more proactive and formalised approach to communicating its successes, both in the insurance press and to its employees.

★ Targeting the high profile insurance press, Triangle immediately set up press briefings with editors of the main four titles.

★ These produced instant coverage relating the company’s mobile capability and established strong relationships with the editors for pitching in future stories.

★ The briefings also positioned CDL as a credible commentator on technology issues, resulting in the company’s Software and Technology Director being regularly invited to comment on industry developments, including telematics products, the privacy debate surrounding data, technology trends and the connected home.

★ Triangle has continued to secure high profile business coverage surrounding CDL contract wins, insurer partnerships and product developments.

★ Complementing this press activity, Triangle has helped CDL to establish and maintain a blog and social media channels to expand the reach of its content, providing new forums for debate and interaction with its stakeholders.

★ Triangle also launched a regular series of informative e-newsletters – with versions written specifically for customers and employees.

★ Alongside this, Triangle worked with CDL to develop branding and a communications package to launch CDL’s internal Mission, Vision and Values (MVV) programme, designed to engage and energise employees in supporting the company as it expands into its new campus development in Stockport.