F. Ball and Co. Ltd.

Staying on Top

The brief

To provide a ‘running commentary’, via the media, that reinforces F. Ball’s position as the number one manufacturer and supplier of floor preparation products in the contract flooring market ★ Further extend the company’s leading position in terms of market share ★ Strengthen the loyalty of existing customers to the brand.

What happened

The PR programme implemented by Triangle enables F. Ball to rely on its media profile to ensure universal acceptance of its number one positioning in the marketplace (and everything that is perceived to go with it) ★ Reinforced customer confidence in taking on new products and trusting in F. Ball to deliver the performance that it claims ★ F. Ball continues to grow its market share and strengthen the loyalty that its customers have for the brand.

In numbers

  • Generated over 850 pieces of coverage
  • Media coverage value: £1,867,000
  • ROI 9:1

Who, what, how

Using a high intensity PR campaign, Triangle presented F. Ball as the ‘complete company’, delivering products with a virtually ‘cast iron’ guarantee of performance, ease-of-use and reliability, having a level of expertise, technical ability and customer support unrivalled in the industry, and demonstrating the company’s skill in transforming their understanding of flooring contractors’ needs into groundbreaking products that translate into increased profit for contractors.

Ensuring messages were communicated clearly and effectively to the market, Triangle worked closely with the F. Ball marketing team to ensure the complexity of the multi-stranded F. Ball offering was expressed through a series of simple-to-understand and digestible mini campaigns within the overarching PR programme.

Dominating F. Ball’s core media titles was fundamental to the approach, which Triangle achieved through a balanced mix of news, features and, in particular, comment columns, ensuring the company’s presence in the media was regularly in the opening pages of the key press, thereby setting and leading the agenda for the flooring industry.

“PR is more important than advertising and often undervalued.

To maintain a presence in the marketplace, you need a good PR company to help you do that. People think they can do it themselves – they can’t. What tends to happen is they stop doing it and lose their profile.

It’s absolutely crucial to keep getting your messages out there. If you don’t, your competitors will.”

Richard Harris, Marketing Manager, F. Ball and Co. Ltd.