It’s official, the PR industry is dead.

You can just use AI to generate your PR stories and articles.

Come on down ChatGPT and Bard, your time is now.


It’s not that simple. It never is.

What stories, what articles? Where do you send them? Are press releases and articles what you should be doing?

Who’s the audience? Where’s your strategy?

“Are you still there AI?”

But AI can’t pitch your stories anyway.

Who’s going to arrange the photographer, prepare the brief, sort out access, postpone the shoot and rearrange for another day?

Who judges if a story is good enough for the press or which press is most likely to use it.

And will you have a chance of getting it used when 200 or 2,000 or 20,000 other AI-generated stories are sitting in the editor’s ‘In box’ (or the AI editor’s in box)? And if the editor is AI, it won’t need your press releases, because it will just be able to fashion up stories of its own.

So how then do you get to get your company and your brand in the media?

The thing is, we don’t have any idea of how this will all pan out. We can speculate, postulate or some other ‘late’, but as with everything in the future, we won’t know until we get there.

We’ve all had a bit of fun with AI, asking it tricky questions, trying to trip it up. Getting it to write a song or a poem. Some people have even asked it to do their college work for them.

The truth is, at the moment it’s nowhere near. It will undoubtedly get better at what it does. The question is, what will it do?

“What you ask it,” you might reply. So, what do you ask it?

Will it matter? Will it be able to influence people or will they have their own AI deciding for them what they buy and ordering it for them?

Will AI decide what products are developed and made? What about fashion? What about human choice? Will humans have a choice?

Stop! This is all getting a bit deep.

What we do know is that, for now, AI doesn’t cut it.

I suspect that humans will always be able to get one over a computer. We have an ability to do things that don’t makes sense, to be stupid or silly or silly and sensible at the same time.

We can feel emotion. We can be irrational. We can be unpredictable.

Some of us are leaders. Some of us have charisma. Ask AI to create charisma.

If we’re not able to outwit AI, we’re finished anyway. The machines have won, but then, what’s the point of AI for AI’s sake?

For now, we are a long way off.

So, back to where we started.

The PR industry is far from dead and, until people surrender their free will, it will continue to play an important role in the world.

Whether that’s in the promotion of companies and their products, championing a cause or defining a brand that wins customer loyalty, there will be PR practitioners somewhere in the background planning the strategy, creating the stories and making us want what we didn’t know we needed.