The future. One day everything will be digital. Already it has redefined the marketing landscape, usurping printed literature with websites, print-mimicking ebooks and email ‘eshots’; bringing us the plethora of comms channels we put under the heading of ‘social media’; and making us completely rethink how we communicate with our prospective customers.

Digital has also allowed us to easily and cost-effectively integrate media, such as video and audio, into our marketing activity – marketing tools that were previously the preserve of big budget productions and the occasional corporate video.

Digital has also delivered us speed. The speed to get our messages out to our audiences in an instant. And the speed to mess things up just as quickly if we get it wrong.

Digital communications needs a different approach to the world of print. It’s received differently, and it’s perceived differently. Each method has its own rules and protocols.

Having worked alongside the development of digital, we know inherently how it works, why it works and how to get the best out of it.