Good marketing is basic

Most marketing activity is not generally ‘wowee’, glam stuff, that blows your socks off.

But it is consistent, repeated, and in tune with the brand identity of the organisation.

Of course, we all like a bit of razzamatazz, but razzamatazz is only that because it’s different from the norm. If everything was fireworks and pyrotechnics (same thing isn’t it?), well it wouldn’t stand out.

Einstein was right – it’s all relative.

Marketing is meant to present a product in its best light, to convince people to buy it.

If you can do that with big, wowee ideas or brilliant creative time after time, that’s great.

If you have the money to do it and/or the non-stop supply of creative juices to make it possible.

But, the thing is, it’s not necessary.

A lot of the time, marketing is about letting people know you’re there and have a solution to their needs or a product to satisfy their wants (even if they don’t yet know they want it).

This is especially true in B2B marketing.

In this arena 95% of your prospective customers aren’t in the market for what you are selling. They might be down the line, but not at the moment. Nor will you have any idea of when they might be ready to listen to what you’ve got.

It’s important to keep reminding them that you are there and show them what you’ve got to offer, so when the time comes that they are ready, you are visible and sending out the messages they are then ready to hear.

It’s this consistency and repetition that will get you on the shortlist.

Nobody will remember that clever creative you did a year ago, but the constant reminders will make sure you are front of mind when the buying process starts.

Then, of course, your products need to live up to your marketing hype.

But that’s not marketing, that’s just common sense isn’t it?