A tale about having your cake and eating it:
The Film

You’ve read the book, now watch the film.

Or if you haven’t read the book, stay with us, because this is where we show you our recipe for your business…

Like Little Georgie, most of us would like to have our cake and eat it.

It’s an expression of over-optimistic expectation to some but to the ‘cake makers’ at Triangle PR, it’s seen as a challenge… a challenge to give clients what they expect and what they need… and then a cherry on top!

Watch the movie!
triangle points to movie

Recipes for success

Pound Cake

Campaigns to drive growth deliver profit and build brands.

For every pound, dollar, euro or yen, we guarantee excellent ROI, without having to break the bank.

Layer Cake
layercake four layercake three layercake two layercake one

Campaigns to take your business up a gear…

building layer by layer until your brand stands proud of the competition.

Angel Cake
cake with wings golden halo

Campaigns to establish industry authority:

positioning brands and their spokespersons as those to look up to

Celebration Cake
sparklers Celebration Cake

Events and campaigns

Add sparkle and zing in any industry sector.

Carrot Cake
carrot cake cupcake

Campaigns that cajole, encourage, incentivise and motivate:

providing more than just a crumb of comfort when generating enquiries or guaranteeing event attendance.

If you’d like a taste of how Triangle can add more than a little sugar and spice to your marketing campaigns, call us in for a chat. We’re not only creators of award-winning PR campaigns but also great people to work with…

georgie’s office georgie in his office with his feet up on the desk, eating cake teapot, cup of tea and cake excellence certificate quality assured

We’ll even bring cake!

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